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Tales Of A Working Girl



Where do I begin? I’ve always found that starting writing is the difficult part and once your fingers are pressing down the keys it becomes a breeze… But I’ve been meaning to write this blog entry for a while… I guess that’s a bit like my experience in the sex industry… Ever since I was a young teenage trans girl still in high school and living in my rural Australian hometown (which I still love and identify strongly with) I’ve always been fascinated by sex workers and it wasn’t long before I wanted to become one… That was years ago, I was just a young trans girl trying to find my way in the world, and upon discovering about sex work, it has since been my aspiration, and I have never really looked back…

 So why did I become a sex worker? Well, there’s a lot of reasons, but let’s get back to my story, shall we? After some family issues arose to do with my gender, I moved to Sydney at seventeen where I enrolled in Year Twelve… While I was in this new city, I decided that I wanted to meet new people, so I opened an account on a few dating sites and was shocked to find out what happened… So many men were interested in me!!! I was getting tens of messages a day asking for sexy times from men who were curious about transsexuals… So many men were messaging me it wasn’t funny… I soon realised that a young trans girl like me was pretty sought after… And then it hit me!!! If I’m going to have sex with men, why don’t I make it my career? I mean, I didn’t have much interest in any other jobs, and I’ve always wanted to be a working girl… They always say have a job that you love… And I was very passionate about the adult industry… And I was broke… Being a woman is expensive… And from that day forward, I knew I was going to become a sex worker!!!

So, I decided to wait until my eighteenth birthday before I enrolled at the local trans brothel in Sydney… I soon realised just how much fun sex work can be… I was having amazing sex with men and getting paid cash for it!!! I was under a roof and had nothing to worry about… All the booking was done for me and I was safe under a roof and around other working girls so I could put my 100% effort into doing what I love and still have spare time to do art projects about my hometown and experiences growing up trans on the side!!! My teenage dream had come true!!!


Unfortunately, the brothel I was at in Sydney closed after the property owner decided to turn it into a yoga studio… I took a hiatus from sex work for a few months, but really missed it… Private work just wasn’t for me and I wanted to be back in a brothel doing purely what I love and not having to worry about organising bookings, transport, hotels, personal safety or time wasters… I wanted to be back doing what I love… I wanted to be independent again… I messaged Club Pleasure, a trans inclusive brothel in Victoria, on Facebook and asked if they were looking for new girls… They were excited to have a young trans girl like me on their team… And I knew from the depths of my heart that this was the decision for me… My money was drying up quickly and I decided that I needed to take a plunge in the deep end and move to a city I’ve never been to before… I decided to move to Melbourne…

I packed my bag and for the fourth time in my life, I boarded an aeroplane… I arrived in a new city, but it wasn’t long before I found myself working… It was amazing, I made multitudes what I made in the city… Club Pleasure is a funky little place and the managers are lovely… As I was in a new city, I took the new name, Bella, and it wasn’t long before I discovered my style… I decided to adopt a gothic look, complete with a corset top and a little black skirt and heels… I put a lot of effort into my appearance too… I may be the girl next door with something extra, but I’m also a business woman who puts pride and effort into what she does… I ensure that every client gets a service he won’t find anywhere else… I mean, getting sex from a cute trans girl like me is difficult enough to find without paying an escort, but as a working girl, it’s still my responsibility to work hard and fulfil a role that has existed since the dawn of humanity for a reason…

Tales Of A Working Girl - Bella

I’m a sex worker… It’s part of who I am and its part of my soul… I enjoy it for a reason and Club Pleasure has given me a platform to fulfil my destiny and it’s a bloody good platform too!!! The other girls here are wonderful and the managers are some of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met!!!

I am constantly learning in this industry, not just about my trade, but about the world… You really see a lot of amazing things working in this job… You meet amazing people too!!! The clients come from a diverse range of backgrounds and have a diverse range of reasons that they seek the companionship from a working woman like myself…

It’s always exciting when a man walks through those doors and even more exciting when my boss yells out a “Thanks Bella” and I get to spend time doing what I love, knowing that I am getting paid for it, and being able to say to myself, “you’ve got your job and you’re helping yourself financially, now go enjoy yourself and do what you love” before walking into that room with nothing but my skimpy outfit, tray of condoms and smile and doing exactly that… Getting paid to do what I love!!!

Everyone I know knows I’m a working girl… It’s such a fundamental part of who I am and it’s one of the words oldest professions… I decided to come out to everyone I know and surprisingly, they still all love and appreciate me and this facet of who I am isn’t something I am ashamed of at all, and if someone doesn’t accept me for it, they aren’t worth my time anyway!!!

But seriously, Club Pleasure is amazing, and I am forever thankful of the amazing job that they have given me… I look forward to the many years spent working in my new job…

I mean, this is just the beginning… This adventure has only just begun… But one thing is for sure…

I won’t be going away any time soon… This is who I am and I have the most amazing job I can think of…

Thankyou Club Pleasure, and thankyou to all clients past, present, and future!!!

I look forward to everything my life will bring and if you’re ever after a girl like me, then feel free to drop by Club Pleasure, and I’ll be on your lap in no time!!!

Xx Bella


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