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Step into a realm of unparalleled allure at Club Pleasure, Melbourne's acclaimed destination for discerning clientele seeking the epitome of pleasure and indulgence. Only 20 minutes from the CBD, our award-winning establishment boasts a curated selection of the finest Ladies and Transladies hailing from diverse corners of the globe, all poised to fulfill your every desire within our newly refurbished parlour. Immerse yourself in opulence within our fully air-conditioned chambers, meticulously designed for your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

For over 27 illustrious years, 1307 North Road has stood as a bastion of pleasure, offering both our esteemed Service Providers and cherished patrons a sanctuary of safety, sensuality, and discretion.

At Club Pleasure, we pride ourselves on matching you with the perfect Lady or Translady to fulfill your wildest fantasies. Dare to explore new realms of passion and excitement as you embark on an unforgettable journey within our enchanting confines.

For couples seeking to reignite the flames of passion, we also offer exclusive private room rentals, providing an intimate haven where love knows no bounds. Elevate your romantic escapades and ignite your senses with Club Pleasure – where every moment is an invitation to indulge in pure ecstasy.

Our friendly managers are understanding and trained to help you with any query you may have regarding our services. 

  • Ladies

  • Transladies

  • Fetish

  • Kink

  • Gloryhole

  • Private room rental

  • Standard relaxation massage

  • Deluxe relaxation massage

  • *Escort service (COMING SOON)*

Club Pleasure  provides a safe, discreet & sensual atmosphere.  Your PLEASURE is our priority.

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