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Review all of the benefits from working at Club Pleasure! Not just monetary benefits but employment and quality of life benefits as well.

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Here at Club Pleasure, you can make as much money as you're prepared to work for. CP Ladies and Transladies earn anywhere between $3,500 - $7,000 per week. Many of our girls start travelling, buying homes, saving money, get out of debt or even go on shopping sprees!


9 - 5 jobs are a thing of the past. At CP you make your own schedule. You tell US when you want to work. We help make your life easier by not restricting your time - but our Service Providers do love to work as much as possible then take amazing vacations. We literally know what your time is worth and we appreciate every minute of it.



We take safety very seriously at CP. We have a multitude of security measures in place to protect everyone's safety and privacy. Not only do we have preventative securities but we also are firm with following through with situations and always striving to be a safe environment for everyone. When you come to work at CP, one of the first things you do is be taught all of the safety measures in place and we have a clear discussion about mutual consent. You are more than a body.


With you being your own boss, you also get to decide what your life is going to look like. Wear those Lou Boutin shoes, get that Louis Vuitton bag, wear that Gucci dress! Take that dream vacation, put yourself through school or just save save save. We have had more Ladies than you can imagine who start with nothing and turn their lives completely around and put themselves back in control. That will be you too!

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  • LGBTIQA+ owned for over 27 years

  • Free parking

  • Very close to public transport

  • Multiple achievable bonus systems in place

  • Ladies lounge

  • Large flatscreen TV with Netflix etc.

  • Fun & safe environment

  • Club & Escorting shifts available

This industry isn't for everyone

If you are new to the industry no doubt you will be full of questions and nerves.

We at Club Pleasure are here to answer all your inquiries and questions. We will also help assess if this is the right industry for you. We will not by any means sugar coat, lie or convince you into working here through false information or persuasion. The industry is very rewarding for the right minded person, yet it is not for everyone. If you are unsure about your decision to work in this industry we can also suggest someone for you to chat to regarding your decisions such as the amazing team at RHED.... RHED is an incredible organising run by sex workers for sex workers! 

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