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Our Glorious Glory Hole

Glory Hole service at Club Pleasure
Glory Hole

Since opening up our special Glory Hole service we have serviced thousands of guys and a few girls also. Huntingdale Melbourne has a clean safe legal glory hole for all of you gents that have seen it in the movies and have always wanted to try. So come in to the busiest brothel in Melbourne's South East and experience it for yourself.

How does it work? Basically you are placed into our Glory Hole room that has a hole in the wall that you will be orally serviced through. The GH room has a TV with porn to enhance the experience for you.

The point of a Glory Hole is that you don't know who is on the other side. You can request to have a Lady or Translady on the other side, or even request a specific Service Provider to perform the service (although that takes away from the anonymous excitement).

Unzip. Release. Leave.

Not a bad way to relax when you're on a time crunch.

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