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Here we provide answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Is your brothel licensed?
    Yes we are a fully licensed brothel that have been in business for over 24 years. We also pride ourselves on being LGTBQIA+ owned.
  • How clean is your establishment?
    Our brothel adheres to all health regulations and every room is completely sanitized and cleaned after each service. All linens, towels and bath mats are replaced after each booking. Daily on-site professional cleaning takes place for full facility cleaning. Take a tour!
  • Can I assure discretion at your brothel?
    Your privacy is 100% assured and guaranteed at our establishment. Our clients names and services are kept completely private. Any collected information for membership is known only to ownership and kept under safeguard digitally. We have never had any issues with private information being shared and we continue to pride ourselves on our discretion.
  • Is there public transport nearby?
    Yes. We are located on North Road Huntingdale, just a short 4-minute walk from Huntingdale Station. There are also bus stops within 50 metres of the establishment.
  • Is there discrete and private parking? Is it free?
    We do have on-site discrete private parking at no additional cost. However there is also 4-hour street parking outside the establishment.
  • Is there a discreet rear entrance?
    Yes, the entrance to our establishment is through the parking lot, not visible from the street.
  • Is anyone welcome at Club Pleasure?
    Yes, anyone is welcome at Club Pleasure. The only requirements are that you are 18 years of age or older, are not under the influence of any illegal substances and respect our staff and rules of consent at all times.
  • What methods of payment do you accept? Is there an extra charge for transactions?
    Cash (ATM on site with a $4.00 service charge), EFTPOS ($10.00 service charge) and Credit Card (no AMEX or Diner’s Card). The name of our establishment will never appear on any transactions or records.
  • Where can I provide feedback?
    We welcome any feedback you may have regarding your session, our staff or our establishment. You can always leave a review on Google or provide feedback on the Contact Us section of our website. If there are any immediate concerns, please let management know immediately so we can better serve you.
  • How old must someone be to attend Club Pleasure?
    You must be at least 18 years or older to enter Club Pleasure, visit our website or view our social media pages.
  • Do I need an appointment to visit Club Pleasure?
    No, you do not need an appointment to visit our establishment, however if there are any specific lady or services you are requesting, it is advised that you phone prior to your visit.
  • Do you have any discounts or specials?
    Occasionally we provide specials for our VIP members, we also have our in-house regular visit card which offers discounts. We advertise some of our specials on our social media accounts, so give us a follow to keep up to date (links at bottom of page). You are also welcome to call during our hours of operation for more information 03 9544 4433.
  • What kind of ladies work at Club Pleasure?
    We pride ourselves on having a diverse selection of ladies aging 19+ from all corners of the globe. We are an inclusive Club, meaning we have the best selection of authentic, stunning, alluring and feminine Trans women available in Melbourne. You can view most of our Ladies on our website.
  • What services do you provide?
    We offer a variety of services, not all of which are listed on our website. Please have a look at our Prices page for some of the more popular services we offer.
  • Do you accomodate specific fetishes?
    We never judge anyone on their sexual fetishes or desires. We are professionals and welcome any requests you may have. Please keep in mind it is fully up to the lady which services she consents on giving, but it never hurts to ask.
  • Can I schedule an appointment?
    Yes of course. The best way to schedule an appointment is via phone so we can answer any questions you may have right away. Contact us!
  • It's my first time, what can I expect?
    You can expect a safe, discrete, warm welcome from one of our managers. After which you will be asked to have a seat in one of our private introduction rooms where you are able to meet each lady that is available at that time. After meeting each lady, the manager will then ask you which lady and services you are wanting to book. You will then provide payment at the front desk and you will be escorted to your room where you will have a quick shower (towels provided), then the lady will then join you for your session.
  • After meeting the ladies, am I obligated to book a session?
    Not at all. If you have met all of the ladies and decide to forgo a session, that is entirely your decision, however we are always confident our brothel provides anything you are looking for.
  • When does the booking time begin and end?
    Your booking time will commence after you have completed your shower and the lady re-enters the room. The ladies will always tell the desk when they are commencing their booking and your time is then recorded at the front desk. We will buzz your room when there is 5 minutes remaining of your booking so you can wrap up your session. HOWEVER, if you would like to extend your booking, you can discuss that with the lady during the time of your session at which point they will take immediate payment for a longer appointment.
  • How do I know which girls are working?
    If you are curious as to which ladies are on shift at a certain time, you can always check our social media pages or simply give us a call.
  • Do the ladies provide "extra" services?
    If you have any requests for extra services, please inquire with management and ladies during your private introduction. Costs vary depending on the lady and the extras requested.
  • What are your prices?
    Prices for our most popular services are listed on our website for your reference. If there are any services that are not listed please give us a call at 03 9544 4433 and we will be happy to help provide you a price.
  • Can I book only a room for personal use?
    Absolutely! You can privately book any of our rooms (if they are available during the time of your request), yes this includes the Glory Hole 😁
  • Can I request a specific lady?
    Yes of course! The best way to request a specific lady is to give us a call and we can let you know if they are available for the time and date you are requesting. Please keep in mind if it is a first-time booking, an introduction in our private intro room is required to go over services requested, extras and prices.
  • Can I book multiple ladies?
    Yes you can. Please be aware that multiple ladies will depend on available staff and there are additional charges for the ladies, however we discount our room rentals. Please refer to our Rates section on our website for more information.
  • How does the Glory Hole work?
    The Glory Hole service essentially provides you with oral service from an anonymous lady or trans lady at your request via a discrete opening through the wall in our Glory Hole room. The Glory Hole room also plays explicit videos during your service as an added bonus.
  • What's the difference between the Standard Massage and Deluxe Massage?
    The Standard Massage is a massage with the lady fully clothed, no touching of the lady and she will supply you with a timed massage and happy ending. The Deluxe Massage is also a timed massage where the lady is naked, with brief brushing and soft touching of the lady’s body, also with a happy ending. Anything beyond this will be an extra cost to the service and must be discussed with the lady.
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