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Trans Brothel Melbourne

Meet the Lady of Your Dreams at Our Trans Brothel in Melbourne

At Club Pleasure, we believe there is somebody special for everyone on this planet. We embrace love in all shapes, sizes, and tastes. Our trans brothel in Melbourne is staffed with a variety of individuals waiting to meet you and help you find that ultimate release. Are you dreaming of a ladyboy or trans when seeking sexual fulfillment? Make it all happen with a quick call and connect today.


  Where Fantasy and Desire Collide


Club Pleasure is more than a place to get your rocks off. We also cater to kink, fetish play, and have several Dommes on staff. Are you aching to submit? Request a visit with Mistress Jinx, a talented transsexual, and discover the freedom found in sensory deprivation, bondage, or costume play. Private rooms are available when you have concluded your negotiations to mutual satisfaction.


  Play with Someone Who Sparks Your Imagination


What is it that makes that magic connection for you? Is it a pair of intriguing dark eyes? A lean, long, and muscular body? A warm smile that sends a shiver down your spine? Red lips, long lashes, round hips, breasts bursting out of their trappings? Match the image in your mind with one of our beautiful trans staff members and unleash your sexual fantasies.


  Private Rooms and Public Display


Our recently renovated parlour is a lush and sumptuous arena to meet your trans date for the evening. Touch and tease, arousing your expectations, before taking off to a private retreat for full sexual service. If you love to watch, make your request with our management, and we will help you make that desire come true. With a wide variety of trans staff, there is somebody for everyone in our comfortable and air-conditioned brothel.

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