Calling all Sissies and wannabe's

Come, sit down and let Mistress Jinx transform you into the woman you have always wanted to be.

Let's have some Girly time; I will do your hair, makeup and dress you up all pretty like, ready for playtime.

Are you a damsel in destress, tied up waiting for Mistress to ravish you?

Or is it your first day on the job as a slutty hooker, needing Mistress to show you the ropes?

Or are you simply a woman that wants an understanding girlfriend to have a coffee and a chat with?

Let your imagination loose and your fantasies run wild as I expertly walk you through the magical realm of Sissification.

With over 15 years living the translife you can rest assured that your inner girly is in safe hands with me. If you are after a truly professional experience, ensure that you book with me, Mistress Jinx, as I am fully trained and uniquely qualified to Sissify you, with professional Qualifications in hair and makeup and multiple wardrobe options like no other trans mistress in Melbourne.

Basic transformation. Minimum 30 Minutes.

  • Lingerie

  • Playtime

Full Transformation. Minimum 1.5 hours.

  • Hair and makeup

  • Lingerie with outerwear

  • Girly time

  • Playtime

Social Girlfriend Catch up. Minimum 1.5 hours. (Rate differs from above experiences, please inquire)

  • Full Transformation

  • Makeup and clothing tips

  • Feminisation and etiquette

  • Girly time

  • Please enquire for pricing for sexual content if desired.

30 minutes $200

45 minutes $250

60 minutes $300

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