Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

I am pleased to be able to offer something you’ve only experienced in your fantasies. Maybe you’ve been brave enough to go sniffing about a back room looking to fulfil your fantasy, but were you brave enough to live taste the dream?

I will lead you into the glory hole room, train, encourage and corrupt you into being the best little glory hole slave you can be. It will be the most intense and debauched 20 minutes of your life with Mistress directing, forcing and corrupting you to push harder and further than you ever have in your secret life. I will open you up to experiences you never thought you’d be brave enough or depraved enough to do.

Will it be 1, 2 or more people aiding in your corruption on the other side of the wall under the expert direction of your Mistress?

Whether you are a slave wishing to be in service to Mistress performing the tasks you are instructed to do, bi-curious wanting to taste your dream for the first time or a man who needs to be forced to do a task that will entertain and excited Mistress, Mistress is ready to take you in hand and play.

20 minutes for $150

Call Club Pleasure or Me to enquire further or present for the experience with either Myself, Mistress Syrine who I share dungeon space with, or Our Apprentice Mistress Jinx (trans).

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