Melbourne's hottest Transgender Mistress Jinx is taking our Kink Corner to the next LEVEL!

Welcome, Apprentice Mistress Jinx here.

After years of a being a lifestyle purveyor of kink and perversion, I am delighted to have had the opportunity to receive formal training as an Apprentice under Mistress Lux and Mistress Syrine in the dungeon at Club pleasure.

I am a vibrant, strong active transsexual with loads of zany quirks and a seductive side sure to leave your desires satisfied.

Naturally dominant with a flair for depravity, I am more than capable of catering towards the kinkier side of play.

I am currently available to provide the following sessions and session content:

  • Tie and tease

  • Erotic tease and denial

  • Bondage – light

  • Restraint – light to medium with rope and leather

  • Anal – light to heavy using toys and as an active top

  • Foot fetish

  • Sissification

  • Cross dressing

  • CBT - light

  • Golden showers

  • Role play – office girl, nurse, HR manager, school girl, Head Mistress and many more

  • Dirty talk

Keep checking back on my profile because I’ll be offering more session content as I’m trained and approved in the skill sets by Mistress Lux and Mistress Syrine.

I am deeply interested in exploring all manner of debauchery with you. In particular I am interested in further exploring and developing my skill sets in:

  • Heavier bondage and restraint including pallet wrap and rope work

  • Slave training

  • Corporal

  • CBT – medium to heavy


  • Cross dressing

  • Sissification

  • Erotic play

  • Anal

As an Apprentice to Mistress Lux and Mistress Syrine I have the benefit of real diversity in my training and mentoring. Mistress Syrine and Mistress Lux specialise in different session style and session content which provides me a unique opportunity in developing who I am as a Mistress.

As an Apprentice undergoing formal training, I am required to learn how to negotiate sessions, use equipment, safety protocols involved in each activity, how to perform each skill

and aftercare before I am allowed to offer the activity in session. I take my Apprenticeship very seriously and have dedicated Myself to being a proficient and professional Dominatrix of the highest calibre.

Mistress Lux and Mistress Syrine have the combined experience of working as Mistresses and training Apprentices at Fetish House (VIC), Temple22 (Sydney), The Kastle (Sydney), Dominas Realm (VIC) as well as privately in a purpose built dungeon. The Mistresses have 25 years of combined experience working as Professional Dominatrix so are recognised both by Their Peers and by clients as qualified to train and mentor Apprentices.

I am currently sessioning with Mistress Lux and Mistress Syrine in their session and will have them in mine when a client consents. This session time is invaluable because it gives me the opportunity to further develop my skill sets and receive guidance and feedback from Mistresses. I you are open to sessioning with Myself, Mistress Syrine and Mistress Lux don’t hesitate to let Me know.

Hard limits:

  • I am an active top only and will not provide any passive sexual services

  • Crushing – animals

  • Poppers / amyl – gives me a migraine

  • Viagra and Cialis


30 minutes - $200

45 minutes - $250

60 minutes - $300

An extra $70 is required to have Mistress Lux or Mistress Syrine in session.

An extra rate may be charged for active sexual services


Twitter: @Mistress_Jinx


Phone: 0400 584 948

Club Pleasure: 03 9544 4433

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