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Glory Hole

So its been a long time coming! but we have designed the best, cleanest, kinkiest, GLORY HOLE. We opened the doors of the glory hole to our room 6 kink corner! ....... in just a few hours we have had dozens of guys come in and use the service, all left saying how amazing the service was and they would be back, one in particular said the anticipation was driving him wild, then when he heard the door open and the girl whisper, though the hole "what have you got to show me" he said the excitement was incredible.

your room consistes of a TV with porn playing, clean surroundings, freshen up towels and wipes, condoms and a hole made to accommodate all heights!

So how does it work!

You tell the desk you would like the glory hole room,

Tell us if you want a lady or a transsexual or better still that you don't mind and want us to surprise you.

The cost just $90.00

You enter the room and wait for the girl to enter the room next door......

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